LA River

by Wulfen Rag

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released March 25, 2015



all rights reserved


Wulfen Rag Los Angeles, California

L.A. River Punx

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Track Name: Wolves
I lost my way-o
in the streets of San Francisco
those hippies got a hold of me
a nightmare in the Tenderloin
where all the junkies beg for coin
the fog rolled in and I couldn't see

But the bread truck rolls down the avenue
the bread truck rolls down the avenue
eveybody's looking for a home
nobody wants to be a lone

On the sidewalk new york dolls
and Juero was born in juvenile hall
his mother's now a statue in the church
and he tries to keep it narrow and straight
but sometimes he just wakes up late
all in a sweat, he's got that urge
Track Name: Kelly Thomas
Who can I trust?
My thoughts are not my own
They fly about the room

Twisted and torn
I get no rest from the longing
No rest from rain

Choking on blood, I call out for my father
He cannot hear me, he's so far away
Billy Clubs and boot heels come thumping down the sidewalk
Sometimes they cause me to shake

Is there a god?
I think I see her in the shadows
in wood and stone

Sometimes it causes me to tremble
Sometimes it causes me to shake
Sometimes it causes me to tremble
Sometimes it causes me to hate
Track Name: The Kids Are All Stoned
Hey kid, you knew this day would come
You knew you wouldn't last forever
You've been lying awake at night
Staring at the ceiling

Walking home from the bars
Counting bats and shooting stars
You've been wondering what's the point
If there's no tomorrow

All these questions come and go
That's all right, the kids are all stoned
All these questions with no answers
They go on and on
Track Name: Red Water
They put a market where the young hunters came of age
Now they defrost the hunt and bow to the minimum wage
This is what they call economic justice
This is what they call progress

They put a church on a first world burial ground
And the preacher got upset when the wrong ghost came around
Because this is what he calls religion
This is what he calls salvation

Does it bother you when I ask these questions?
Would it bother you if I chose defiance?

Red water, black smoke
Swallow, swallow until you choke
The children starved, the chiefs were killed
The women marched into the chill
Kaleidoscope through the trees
The spirit begging, on her knees
Red water, black smoke
Swallow, swallow until you choke
Track Name: What Have I Done?
What have I done?

I put him in the trunk!

I could drive all night!

Cops on my trail with a battering ram
I turn to the left but my brakes are jammed
There's a gas truck in my lane
They could see the flames from my miles away

What have I done?
Track Name: LA River
Old as dust, brown as sky
Everything is so fucking dry
They called them the thirteen
With cigarettes and gasoline

There's no water here
There's no source of life

Cigarettes and gasoline
I can still hear them screaming

There's no water here
There's no source of life

Don't you ask for a drink
Nothing to soothe your burns
No baptism rite
And no boat to take you home
Track Name: Cockroaches
When its over there will be two things on your mind
How'd this happen? And how can I avoid the blame?
I'm no saint, I'm not gonna hang it up for you
In the end who belongs to who

And I know what you want
I can see right through your lies
You're a desert rat, a rattlesnake
Only out to survive, suburban coyote
You're only happy when Twinkies and cockroaches are all that remain